Network Security

When it comes to delivering top notch performance, visibility and security that businesses in this digital age seeks for, traditional network architectures cannot live up to that level. GV Tech provides faster, efficient and cost-effective networks that play an instrumental role in increasing our clients’ bottom line. We help our clients with superior local area network solutions that come with speed, reliability, security, and the flexibility.

Regardless of whether you operate from a single office, or from a multi-building local area network, GV Tech has come up with numerous products and services to enhance your LAN. This includes Structured Cabling, and various Managed Services such as managed switches, routers and firewalls.

A Local Area Network or LAN is essentially a computer network that covers a small local area such as office and home and small cluster of buildings. GV Tech being a premium LAN services provider brings you a wide array of LAN services that aims to expand desktop computers’ capability. We can build a secured and reliable network environment for your office or home.

Our LAN solutions cover a wide range of services that include services like provisioning, implementing, maintaining and managing LAN infrastructure equipment. The provisioning part takes care of the selection and delivery of equipment according to the requisition to the customer, implementation encompass equipment configuration, checks before implementation, installation of equipment and commissioning. And finally, our maintenance services cover rectification of fault in installed equipment and continuous support.

Qualified engineers at GV Tech use latest technology, sophisticated best-in-class tools and structured design processes to offer comprehensive and multi-vendor design solutions for overlay designs and new networks.

Your network drives your business but if the network is outdated, or not performing as it should, you will lose money and business opportunities. GV Tech can provide a winning LAN solution that will increase business workflows and productivity.