Physical Security & Surveillance

GV Tech boasts best possible Physical security and surveillance systems which are not just for stopping crime. We can provide you with the right mix of video technologies that are assembled to carry out an array of tasks. These tasks include detection of occupancy and motion, counting people and traffic, analysis of productivity and workflow. We at GV Tech can also offer you advanced video solutions that include access control, detection and prevention of intrusion and visitor management software.

We at GV Tech offer all-inclusive solutions for power and data connectivity of physical security networks. This is highly cost-effective as there is no need to rebuild cable and power infrastructure to bring power and data networking.

Our Physical security and surveillance services are aimed to improve workplace security and enhance efficiency. By leveraging the wide-ranging capabilities of IP security cameras, we can build you the best possible security and surveillance system to meets you varied security needs.

When you choose GV Tech for physical security and surveillance products and services, here are some of the substantial benefits that you can always expect from us;

We offer tailored Packages to match your unique security needs. Having understood varied security requirements of different businesses we have come with custom packages that are well within your budget.

GV Tech offers secure video management systems that you can access locally and also from remote locations. So you can enjoy verifiable security 24/7.

Our support staffs are always available to resolve any unexpected issue. This is what makes our physical security and surveillance solutions so highly sought-after.

Contact GV Tech today for all your Physical security and surveillance needs and be assured that your assets are observed and guarded with an ingenious Physical Security and Surveillance System by us.